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Back to Basics: Cracked Beams Force Commuters to Get Used to San Francisco's Temporary Transbay Terminal — Again

After a few weeks commuting in the lap of luxury at the new Salesforce Transit Center, we talked to commuters about the partially-dismantled temporary terminal where they once again find themselves

What to Know

  • Authorities announced the Salesforce Transit Center will remain closed until at least October 17
  • Commuters are catching their buses back at the old Temporary Transbay Terminal
  • With the digital signage now gone, transit supervisors are running the temporary terminal with pencils and clipboards

The Salesforce Transit Center hadn't even been open two months when it closed again due to cracks found in two of the beams supporting the building where it straddles San Francisco's Fremont Street.

After authorities announced it will be at least October 17 before the center — and its lush rooftop park — are once again open to the public, commuters are getting settled back into the old Temporary Transbay Terminal — which workers had already begun to dismantle.

"There used to be LED signs with the time and everything, and they took those down," lamented Laura Beggs as she boarded her AC Transit bus back to Oakland.

Jonathan Bloom/NBC Bay Area
The Transbay Joint Powers Authority has announced that the Salesforce Transit Center and the stretch of Fremont Street that passes underneath it will now remain closed until at least October 17.

"The Clipper terminals are gone so I don't have a place to go to refill my Clipper card," said Colin Andrews, who was waiting in the same line.

Beggs said she's come to expect surprise complications with large structures built in this part of downtown.

"I feel like this are's been plagued by construction issues, with the Millenium Tower and now this," she said.

Commuters were given a taste of luxury when the Salesforce Transit Center first opened: clean, accessible bathrooms and shelter from the outside weather.

Jonathan Bloom/NBC Bay Area
The sprawling rooftop park atop the Salesforce Transit Center stretches across First Street and Fremont Street. Along with the rest of the center, the park remains closed as repairs continue on the structure that's holding it up.

"I guess I kind of miss just the feel of it," Beggs said. "It actually felt like a proper transportation terminal, like San Francisco was actually putting money and effort into making public transit kind of better for the city."

Most said they'll happily wait at the outdoor temporary terminal until engineers are sure the new center is once again safe.

On the bright side, Andrews said, "It's good they had a spare (terminal). You know, as a backup, just in case."

Watch the video above to hear what commuters said when the Salesforce Transit Center first opened — and what they're saying now.

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