Bad Jail Food Alleged in Mill Valley

A Mill Valley shopkeeper is angry with the jailers at Marin County Jail for a failure to accommodate his vegetarian preferences.

Things are different in Marin County. There, folks complain over the quality of food in the jail.

But that's only part of the story of David McDonald, a Mill Valley store owner who authorities accused of sellling drugs out of his store, The Pleasure Principle, which operated in the oft-posh Marin County city for over 40 years, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

Many of the charges originally levied against McDonld have been dropped -- for example, he's no longer accused of selling methamphetamine, but a substance that looks like meth.

McDonald denies the charges and says "I'm cautiously optimistic" he'll win those charges. In the meantime, McDonald says that the Marin County Jail refused to serve him vegetarian meals, and as a result, he lost 40 pounds while in jail for 14 weeks, the newspaper reported.

McDonald was horrified to see "chunks of meat" in the gravy on his rice and potatoes, the newspaper reported, and with a lack of options, he skipped many meals while subsisting on oatmeal, apples and bread, he said.

Jailkeepers didn't accomodate his diet. "I said I don't want animal corpses on my plate," he told the newspaper. "They just didn't get it."

He was released from jail in July after friends scraped together the $50,000 required for bail.

McDonald, who also sold marijuana pipes and pornography, is looking for a new location for his store, which he was forced to close after he failed to pay rent for a few months.

He is looking to recover $30,000 cash seized during the March 23 raid of his property, and is also considering suing police over damage to the store.

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