Local Baker Says Peet’s is Not a Good Neighbor

Baker says he wants to be a thorn in coffee chain's side

Peet's Coffee

Peet's Coffee & Tea may have started as a small mom and pop operation in Berkeley but 44 years later they are the big guy on campus. Now one of the smaller fishes is taking aim at the corporate coffee chain.

The owner of the Bread Garden Bakery in Berkeley is trying to pull some of the bread crumbs from its neighbor Peet's expansive table.

The small bakery on Domingo Avenue put up a sign in his window that reads:

Prefer Day-Old Pastries? Buy Your Pastries at Peet’s. When the Bread Garden’s bakers start baking today’s pastries around 1 a.m., Peet’s pastries for today have already been delivered — theirs were baked yesterday!”

Owner David Morris tells Berkeleyside he wants to become such a nuisance to Peet's that the chain decides to buy their fresh baked goods from him.

Peet's for its part says it doesn't sell day-old goodies and it “is committed to being a good neighbor.” The company then might want to honor its founder's wish

Morris says Alfred Peet decided when he first opened up next door to his bakery in 1980 not to sell baked goods to help his neighbor out.

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