Balcony Collapses at Mountain View Condo Complex

One person is slated to undergo surgery and four others are recovering from bumps and scrapes after a second-story balcony collapsed at a Mountain View condominium complex Wednesday night, according to a witness and the fire department.

The collapse happened around 9 p.m. at a two-story condo complex located on the 50 block of East Middlefield Road, firefighters said.

Condo owner Leilani Maningo said five people were on the balcony just before it collapsed. One person was standing, while the rest were sitting in chairs around Maningo's potted plants. They were enjoying conversation when the wooden balcony gave way.

"The balcony reportedly separated from the exterior wall of the building before gradually descending to the ground," according to the fire department.

The person who is scheduled to have surgery is expected to be OK.

It is not clear at this time what caused the balcony to collapse, the fire department said. An investigation is underway.

Maningo said her condo was built in 1972. The balcony that collapsed was the original balcony, she said.

Firefighters safely lowered the balcony and debris to the ground level. They also secured two units near the balcony.

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