Band That Fled Garlic Festival Shooting Returns to Stage For Victims' Fund

Healing continued Thursday in the wake of the Gilroy Garlic Festival mass shooting as the band that was on stage when gunfire broke out took to the stage again for the first time.

The leaders of TinMan said the show at San Jose Municipal Golf Course was about more than their own perseverance. It was about the victims and their families.

The band members knew they eventually would take that step, to set up and do what they love and not back down. Lead singer Christian Swain said it was a relief "to get that first one done."

The group was on stage when a gunman opened fire at the Gilroy Garlic Festival on July 28, killing three people and injuring 13. Like everyone that day, TinMan took cover.

During their first performance since, Swain said it was a bit difficult to not think about that day.

"A little trepidation, thoughts that creep into your mind that you know are ridiculous," he said. "But we're all dealing with a little bit, PTSD. I think anyone in that situation goes through that."

Thursday night was about trying to get back to normal. But most importantly, it was about the victims and their families.

"I hope all the people who went through this are getting the same help from their family and friends," Swain said.

All the proceeds from the concert are being donated to the Gilroy victims relief fund at the Gilroy Foundation.

"It's really not about us," bassist Bill Weir said, "because we're still here."

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