Bank Left Unlocked Christmas Eve

It's a Christmas miracle a dishonest person didn't discover mistake

Maybe the last one out the door of the Wells Fargo bank in Tracy was thinking of last-minute Christmas shopping, which cookies to bake or the in-laws' arrival when they left work on Christmas Eve.

Whatever was on their mind, it clearly wasn't security. The bank closed early that day -- 2 p.m. But the door was left unlocked.

It's a good thing Veneita Alsop is an honest woman. She called police at about 4 p.m., saying there was a sign on the door indicating the bank was closed. But Alsop opened the door and went into the bank.

Alsop didn't see anyone, she told KCRA, and she wondered if all the employees were being held hostage. She went outside and called police.

Police looked around and found everything intact.

Wells Fargo officials are still trying to figure out how employees could forget to lock up.

Here's to hoping everyone on the wish list of that last Wells Fargo employee out the door on Christmas Eve found what they wanted under the tree the next morning.

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