Bank on Barack Using San Francisco as His ATM Thursday

President's trip will make no pretense of being about anything other than money

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San Franciscans love us some President Barack Obama.

But the question is, does he love us back?

"After eight long years of being ignored like a problem only-child in a first marriage gone afoul, it feels almost unnatural for the President of the United States to pay San Francisco a visit," SFist laments.

When he was in town campaigning for Senator back in 2004, he even refused to appear in public with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, worried conservative Illinois voters would take that as tacit support for marriage equality.

He'll only be appearing at a Democratic Party fundraiser at the St. Francis Hotel. Tickets start at $500, and you'll probably want to bring your checkbook, since the man is certainly an inspiration -- to fork over more money.

After that reception, there will be an even more exclusive dinner for Obama and 200 of his closest "friends" in the penthouse.

And then he'll be right back on the road, with his motorcade likely to snarl traffic coming and going on 101 from San Francisco International.

So don't expect to see him standing in line for Humphry Slocombe's Secret Breakfast ice cream on Friday with Sasha and Malia in tow, or spot First Lady Michelle Obama shopping for sleeveless dresses in a Hayes Valley boutique.

Because as far as crushes go, this one is clearly unrequited.

Jackson West wonders if Obama would love us more if, you know, we'd shut up about the war and marriage equality and such like White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel wants us to.

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