Barbara Walters Struggles to Lose her “Twitter Verginity”

Not only can Oprah sell a book or sell out a social networking service but she can also bring on the Apocalypse.

Barbara Walters Loses her "Verginity"

On Friday the queen of talk shows joined the San Francisco-bases social  phenomenon that is Twitter. On Monday, Barbara Walters tried to follow suit. Oprah's biggest detractor also jumped on the Twitter bandwagon (notice how Twitter didn't make any special announcement? Maybe that should tell Babs how important she is in the talkshow scope).

Maybe it would have been better if Walters stayed off of Twitter with the rest of our grandparents. Or at least we can take video of Walters and show our grandparents why they don't need to be tweeting.

Our friends at Valleywag tipped us off to amusing video of Walters mispelling "virginity" on her first tweet live on air. She spelled it "verginity." Woops.

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"It's been so long for all of us, who really knows how to spell it," co-host Sherri Shepherd said. Whoppi Goldberg told Shepherd to speak for herself.

She said she was nervous. Apparently. She was trying to tweet that she was "losing her Twitter virginity." She also misspelled Twitter. Whoops. She spelled it "Titter." Maybe she'll do better her second time. You can follow all the fun of the View on Twitter @theviewtv.

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