Baer: ‘No Plans’ for Bonds Gig Just Yet

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On Tuesday we pointed out that Barry Bonds wants a job with the Giants. And that he has some super-secret advice for Tim Lincecum that will change the Giants season.

But despite that important piece of information and Bonds desire to work for the team, Giants team president Larry Baer said, via John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle, there are "no plans" for a Bondsian gig at the moment.

"He approached us about doing something in an official capacity in the organization," Baer said. "We had a cordial conversation. Right now, there are no plans."

Bonds said that he wants back in like, ASAP, but there's certainly no guarantee that the team will bring the slimmed-down former superstar back as soon as next season.

Which is apparently what he'd like to do, and, which is apparently possible, per Giants GM Brian Sabean, because of the personal-services contract that was (reportedly?) included in the contract that he signed in 2002.

"The invite's open-ended. It's not if but when," Sabean said. "He's got a personal services contract."

The rumors on that contract are that it was a 10-year deal that started when Bonds left baseball and it paid $100,000 to his charity.

So if the Giants are giving 100 GRRR to Bonds anyway, why wouldn't they want to get him in to help out? Exactly, they would. That explains Sabean's comments, and it explains why the Giants are so open to the idea of bringing in Bonds at some point.

Baer's comments are more than likely an attempt to keep the actual likelihood of Bonds coming in as far away from Bonds actual trial as possible, if only to make the Commissioner's office happy.

At some point, though, Bonds working for the Giants really does seem like an inevitability.

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