Stephen Ellison

BART Begins Cracking Down on Fare Evaders

No more warnings on BART. If you don't pay for your seat, you pay a heftier price.

BART's crackdown on fare evaders is underway as the agency tries to stem what it says is a $25-million-a-year problem.

Fare inspectors on Thursday wielded ticket readers, which they have begun using to confirm a passenger's BART pass or Clipper card is valid.

The BART board of directors passed the proof of payment ordinance in October, and it went into effect on Jan. 1. Initially, there was a 1-month grace period during which violators would be served with a warning. That grace period was extended one more month, but effective Thursday, the warning period ended.

Adult violators face a fine of $75, and for minors, the fine is $55. Community service is an alternative punishment, BART said.

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