BART Cops Arrest Richmond Bike Thief

BART police on Wednesday pointed out Marque Moore's first mistake: Having a stolen bike.

His second, they said, was to try to sell it back to its owner.

Fortunately for the bike theft victim, BART police officers were on hand when the 57-year-old Richmond man agreed to meet at BART's Ashby Station in Berkeley.

The owner of the bike confirmed that the bicycle Moore was trying to sell was actually stolen from a residential burglary in San Francisco three months earlier, police said.
When BART police searched Moore's home, officers said they discovered more than 10 bicycles, 57 bicycle tires, 24 bicycle wheels, 26 bicycle wheels with tires, 21 bike seats, 4 bicycle frames, a gun and ammunition.

Now BART police are looking for the owners of the recovered items to identify and claim their property.

Moore has been booked at in Oakland for two counts of possession of stolen property, felon in possession of a firearm, felon in possession of ammunition and violation of probation.

Once the recovered bicycles and/or parts are positively identified as stolen, additional charges may be sought through the District Attorney's Office, and owners can be reunited with their property.

BART has posted photographs of the recovered bicycles and frames here.

In order to claim their property, owners must provide either a case number from a theft report, or other proof it belongs to them. Examples of such proof would be a receipt/proof of purchase which shows the serial number, or other identifiable marks unique to the bicycle.

If you recognize the bicycle, frame or other parts as yours telephone the BART Police Investigations Unit at (510) 464-7040.

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