Brendan Weber

BART Unveils First Bank of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Warm Springs Station in Fremont

Bay Area commuters with a passion for sustainability now have a new option to make sure their journey from home to work releases the lowest amount of emissions possible.

The Warm Springs BART Station in Fremont on Monday officially unveiled one of the largest electric vehicle charging sites in the Bay Area, according to the transportation agency.

A total of 22 stations, which can charge up to 44 cars at once, were opened as part of a pilot program. If the program proves to be successful and generates  demand, BART may consider installing charging stations at other locations throughout its system.

As of Monday, the Warm Springs Station is the only BART station to house electric vehicle charging stations.

The cost for a single charge is included in the station's $6 parking fee, according to the agency.

Keeping with the sustainable theme, BART is using solar panels to power the charging stations.

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