San Francisco

BART Embarcadero Station Will No Longer Sell Paper Tickets

Commuters will no longer be able to purchase paper tickets at the Embarcadero BART station in San Francisco.

Starting today, only clipper cards can be purchased at the Embarcadero station, and BART hopes this will make things more efficient in the future.

A total of four stations will take part in this pilot program which BART hopes to make permanent.

The Embarcadero station begins changes today, but other stations such as the 19th Street station in Oakland initiated the change on August 5.

Although paper tickets aren’t available for purchase at these stations, commuters can use them to enter or exit gates. Riders can also add enough fare to a paper ticket to exit a station.

BART says the clipper cards save money and are reusable over a longer period of time, they don’t jam up fare gates and reduces paper waste.

BART will be handing out free clipper cards at the Embarcadero BART today through Wednesday.

The BART paperless system is expected to expand completely by 2020.

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