BART Restores Service Between Lafayette and Concord

BART service has been restored between Lafayette and Concord on the Pittsburg/Bay Point Line.

The transit agency temporarily suspended service in both directions Thursday, sparking major delays after a tree limb fell on power lines, knocking them into the tracks. 

PG&E was called to the scene to remove a power line. The Contra Costa Fire Protection District also responded to put out a small grass fire that started next to the tracks, according to BART spokeswoman Denise Gonzalez.

Power was also shut off between the Lafayette and Concord stations during the service disruption.

BART set up a bus bridge to carry passengers who were stuck at the affected stations.

Service was restored at 8:45 p.m. and residual delays are expected throughout the evening.

BART passenger Amy Fox said she was one of thousands of passengers stranded late Thursday at the Lafayette station.

Fox said it took two hours to get on a bus, which did not get moving right away due to heavy traffic in the area.

“People are shoving their way on the buses, but no fights," Fox said. "Just lots of yelling and frustration.”

Bay City News contributed to this report.

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