BART Increases Fares 3.4% Across Board to Keep Up With Rising Costs, Inflation

Riders begin paying 15 cents more on average as inflation-based fare hike kicks in

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BART riders started paying a little more Friday to get to their destination as a 3.4% fare hike across the board took effect.

The increase will add 15 cents to the average fare of $3.78, the agency says. In other words, shorter trips would see an increase of only 5 cents while longer trips would see an added 30 cents to the total fare.

The transit agency says the board-approved increase is part of an inflation-based program passed in 2003 that helps it keep up with rising costs.

Funds from the fare hike go towards train service, enhanced cleaning, additional police and safety staff, and capital projects such as buying new train cars, BART said.

The fare hike was scheduled to go into effect Jan. 1 but was postponed by six months, BART said. The transit agency added that it increases fares at a rate less than inflation every-other year, with the last hike coming on Jan. 1, 2020.

Riders can view a BART fare chart online, and charts for the new fares are posted at station vending machines.

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