BART Makes Mobile App Parking Payments Available Systemwide


BART announced Monday that the option to pay for parking at its stations through the agency's official smartphone app will now be available at all stations throughout the system.

A couple of weeks before a regional shelter-in-place order prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-March sent BART ridership plummeting, the agency announced on March 4 a five-station pilot program for parking payments via the BART app and plans to expand the feature systemwide later in the year.

The systemwide expansion announced Monday is part of a 15-step plan BART has announced to try to encourage riders to use the system again as restrictions related to the pandemic ease, touting it as a contactless option that will help limit the spread of the virus.

To use the app when arriving at a station, people will have to download the latest version of the BART app, create a profile and enter a Clipper card number and payment method, then will need to pay the daily parking fee before they tag into a station with that same Clipper card.

The previously existing methods to pay for parking at BART stations will remain available.

One option is the EZ Rider program where BART mails a parking hangtag after a user creates an account with a payment card and Clipper card, and the user then tags their Clipper card at a parking validation machine inside the station after leaving the hangtag displayed in their vehicle.

The other option involves a parker memorizing their stall number, waiting in line and paying with cash or the same paper ticket they entered with.

More information about the BART app parking payments and all BART parking details by station can be found online at

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