San Francisco

Cuts Coming to Early Morning BART Service for Transbay Tube Retrofitting: Report

Early morning BART riders will face major service cuts in about seven months, according to a report.

That's because starting in February of 2019, BART trains will start running an hour later than usual to give workers more time to retrofit the Transbay Tube that runs beneath the San Francisco Bay, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

The tube itself is considered to be seismically sound, but BART is worried than an outer shell and concrete liner would crack in a major earthquake, according to the report.

The transit agency estimates that the extra time for workers will shave four months off the three-and-a-half year project and save approximately $15 million, the report indicated.

While the retrofitting is in the works, BART plans to replace the early morning train service with new bus routes from the Dublin/Pleasanton station and other stations across the East Bay where most early commuters start their days, according to the report.

The question is whether the expanded bus service should include express service into San Francisco. BART's board of directors on Thursday will discuss the two proposals, according to the report. A vote is expected later this year.

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