BART Unveils Smartphone App to Call Police

Problems on BART can be identified with the swipe of a finger

Instead of calling police, and instead of texting police, BART passengers can now hail cops via an app.

Think of it as Uber for law enforcement officers, on BART.

BART unveiled "BART Watch" on Thursday, a "free app" that allows passengers to tell BART police of unlawful activity going on during their train rides, according to reports.

BART officials think that passengers will be more likely to take a photo of a crime in progress with a smartphone rather than dial 911 or use the emergency intercoms that are on train cars, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Text alerts are received anonymously, the newspaper reported. If a smartphone user is out of cellular range, the alert will be sent as soon as the phone has service again.

The app also lets users select the nature of the crime in progress they are trying to report.

The app is part of a $265,000 contract BART directors approved earlier this year, the newspaper reported.

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