Bartz to CNBC: You Think I'm Stupid?

Always entertaining Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz did it again this morning while appearing on CNBC.  When asked if would have accepted Microsoft's bid to buy Yahoo if she had been in charge at the time, she answered, "Sure. You think I'm stupid?"

The answer seems to point to the shareholder contention Bartz has had to deal with over the rejected Microsoft bid.

Other than that, the sometimes brash and bleepable Bartz stayed on message.

Bartz was on CNBC to talk about the next steps for the company.  She says that answer is easy: content.

Bartz said people only spend about three percent of their time on the Internet searching and the rest of the time looking to be entertained and informed.

"So that is what Yahoo! is going to do best," Bartz said.

She said Yahoo's efforts to allow readers to customize their own pages has not been terribly successful.  Only 15-percent of users actually use the service because it take too much time.

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