Battle at City Hall in War on Fun

Board of Supervisors consider rule changes for nightclubs

zemistor / Flickr

There won't be a velvet rope, but the stars of San Francisco's nightlife are expected to turn out for a the Board of Supervisor's City Operations & Neighborhood Services committee meeting at City Hall on Monday morning.

The issue? Whether the Entertainment Commission should be granted more power to issue tickets to problem venues, and other changes to how the city regulates late night fun.

Currently, the commission can only issue or revoke permits, with the San Francisco Police Department tasked with enforcement.

Critics of the commission complain that it's stacked with nightclub owners and investors, thanks to appointments by former venue owner, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

However, supporters of the plan to give the Entertainment Commission expanded powers point to the bad old days when the SFPD was responsible for permitting, and there was no forum for public comment or debate.

The DNA Lounge is asking nightlife lovers to wake up early for once and attend the hearing at 10 a.m. -- or at least send an email expressing support.

Be there, or you know, be at the mercy of the squares.

Photo by Flickr user zemistor.

Jackson West wonders why anyone who doesn't like seedy nightclubs lives in San Francisco and not, say, Walnut Creek.

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