Battlefront in Bay Area Rent Control War Moves to Redwood City

The Bay Area’s rent control war is moving to Redwood City. Some residents are fighting to stay in their homes, but the landlord wants them out by the end of the month so the units can be renovated and likely leased for more money.

Residents of the apartments at 910 Clinton St. are upset over an eviction notice: About 20 families were told to move out.

Gabriel Banuelos and his family have lived in their apartment for 10 years. The teen was looking forward to starting high school with his childhood friends in the fall.

"We'll probably have to move across the bay, for something we can afford,” he said.

That’s why Banuelos joined his neighbors for a Thursday night rally, out of fear that when the renovations are done they'll be priced out of ever moving back. They want more money to move and most of all they want more time.

The notice from the property manager states that tenants are being offered a full security-deposit refund, plus $500. NBC Bay Area’s calls to that property manager were not returned.

At the rally, some held candles, even joining in prayer. Others were outraged. The children's school principal even stopped by.

And they also have support from a city councilman looking for a long-term rent solution.

"This isn't just a city problem," Councilman Ian Bain said. "It's a whole Bay Area problem we need some help from the state to solve."

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