Bay 101 Card Room May Depart San Jose for Milpitas

Legal gambling den is aiming for either San Jose or Milpitas.

A longtime card room on Old Bayshore Highway in San Jose may be headed to Milpitas, according to reports.

Bay 101 must move from its current location by 2017, when its lease expires, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

It may go to Milpitas, where Bay 101 is backing a ballot initiative that would allow it to build a larger casino than what's currently allowed in San Jose.

Bay 101 wants at least 115 tables in its new location, whether it's in San Jose or Milpitas. San Jose allows 49 tables, which means Milpitas is an attractive option.

That's if the Milpitas' Measure E is approved by voters.

San Jose stands to lose a lot if Bay 101 leaves: gambling produces $15 million in annual tax revenue, "more than the city's auto dealers," the newspaper reported.

In addition, the San Jose can block Bay 101's possible departure under a state law that says a card room needs approval from the city where it's currently located in order to move.

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