Bay Area Blanketed in Fog

Sunday is one of the busiest travel days of the year, so the foggy morning is very bad timing.

Thick areas of morning fog made travel tough at times on Bay Area roadways as well into SFO.

Some arrivals were seeing delays approaching 45-60 minutes and may increase as air traffic volumes increases. No major delays were expected in Oakland or San Jose.

Dense fog advisories were issued for multiple bridges around the  Bay Area, including the San Mateo Bridge, the Dumbarton Bridge, the Benicia  Bridge and the Carquinez Bridge, according to the California Highway Patrol.

I know we'd hoped to end the weekend with some relatively warm temperatures, but that just didn't happen due to our two-cloud layers we're stuck with today.

First, of course, is the fog that will mix out a little more slowly as sunlight is being diffused by mid-high level clouds moving over the Bay Area. Without the sunshine/warming to mix in drier air down to the surface, its looking like the patchy fog/stratus may linger a little longer though we should manage some midday sunshine for areas away from the East Bay valleys.

High cloud cover will continue increasing mid afternoon and evening that will likely cap any daytime warming. So the bottom line, its looking like more 50s for our inland North/East Bay valleys and probably some upper 50s to low 60s around the inner bay. You may have to head south to Hollister/Santa Cruz to find mild temps today.

Offshore winds should back off slightly for Monday and Tuesday which should mean less morning fog inland and a little more warming. The next major weather event of the week appears to be gusty wind potential starting Wednesday as a system diving down the Sierra helps to crank up northerly to northeasterly winds. We could see some fairly gusty conditions especially around our Bay Area hills heading into Thursday morning. We'll be watching that closely for you later in the week.

As far as folks flying out of SFO - the notoriously bad airport for fog... OAK and SJC should run ads this time of year (as noted in this blog).

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