Bay Area Building Selling for $1? Hint: A Deal With a Twist

Decommissioned Fremont fire station building is up for grabs to anyone willing to move it and preserve it

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A Bay Area building is for sale at the can't-miss price of $1.

But, of course, there's a catch.

The building is a decommissioned fire station in Fremont's Centerville district, and the lot it currently sits on is not part of the deal.

The 66-year old fire station closed more than a decade ago, and the city agreed last year to sell the historic building for just a buck to anyone willing to move it and preserve it.

A 2007 historical study determined the station, which closed in 2008, qualified for the California Register because of its architectural significance, according to a report in the Mercury News .

The Fremont City Council last March approved the sale of the property at 37412 Fremont Blvd. to developer SiliconSage Builders with the condition that the developer try to sell the station building before tearing it down, the newspaper reported.

The dollar-deal is only good until mid-March, when SiliconSage begins demolition for apartments, townhouses and retail.

If no one buys the fire station building, it will be demolished too.

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