Mother's Day

Bay Area Celebrates Mother's Day as COVID-19 Restrictions Ease

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It’s Mother’s Day and people are taking time to celebrate moms. This year, pandemic-related restrictions have eased and vaccines are available.

It’s much different than last year when the Bay Area was under lockdowns.

Sarah Saleh came with her aunt to eat outside in Walnut Creek this Mother’s Day.

"I am vaccinated. That does help a lot and I do feel like things are getting back to normal,” she said.

“It’s so nice to see people out," said Munira Jamil. "My niece is treating me to this wonderful breakfast because my son is not around. It was a very pleasant surprise this morning.”

Saleh added that it was a big change from last year when she stayed home.

It’s Mother’s Day and people are taking time to celebrate moms. This year, pandemic related restrictions have eased and vaccines are available. Christie Smith Reports.

“Mother’s Day might be the best day that we have,” said Arash Ghasemi of Main Street Kitchen and Bar.

At Main Street Kitchen and Bar, they had Mother’s Day packages. Ghasemi told NBC Bay Area that they have been seating customers inside and outside as restrictions eased. He added that weekends are busier as well.

“There are days that it does feel the same. I think the big challenge is that we have is during the week because a lot of people are still not back at work," he said.

Some families headed to the park for Mother’s Day.

Concord resident Alecia Barillas worked from home while her children did distance learning during the pandemic. Although her children have now gone back over the past year, she feels more appreciated.

“My 10-year-old woke me up and he made me eggs for breakfast," she said. "He has been taking up more responsibility. I think we have all been pitching in a little more.”

For Los Gatos resident Frances Filice, unlike last year, this Mother’s Day came with a reunion with her grandchildren.

“It’s been wonderful having the grandkids nearby and right here in the house. I’m enjoying it so much,” she said.

During Mother’s Day last year, COVID-19 concerns forced Filice to stay inside. She was only able to watch her daughter and grandchildren from afar as they hung out in the backyard.

But Sunday night was a much different celebration as they ate together at the same dining table and without masks.

“We have been busy getting together here inside. It’s very special. It warms the heart, it brings joy. It’s been a long lonely year,” she said.

Christy Hanlon, Frances Filice’s daughter told NBC Bay Area that she is also relieved that her mother is fully vaccinated and she no longer fears that her family might put her mother's health at risk.

“She’s one of the most important people in my life. Someone I look up to. So to be able to hold her again was a big feeling of closeness I missed so much,” Hanlon said.

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