Bay Area CEOs Shine Among World's Best

It's official. A chunk of the world's best and brightest in the business world are right here in the Bay Area.

The Harvard Business Review has compiled their list of the Best-Performing CEOs of the World  for 2009 and right at the top is Apple's main man: Steve Jobs.

Here's a peek at the top of the Top 100:

  1. Steve Jobs - Apple (headquarters: Cupertino)
  2. Yun Jong-Yong - Samsung Electronics
  3. Alexy B Miller - Gazprom
  4. John Chambers - Cisco Systems (headquarters: San Jose)
  5. Mukesh D. Ambani - Reliance Industries
  6. John C. Martin - Gilead Sciences
  7. Jeff Bezos -
  8. Meg Whitman - eBay (headquarters: San Jose)
  9. Eric Schmidt - Google (headquarters: Mountain View)
  10. Hugh Grant - Monsato

Here's the study in summary: 

The entire group represented 48 nationalities and came from companies based in 33 countries. The median age at which these executives had become CEO was 52, and those still in office had an average tenure of six years. Only 1.5% were women, and only 15% of the CEOs worked for companies based in a country that was not their country of origin. It is still not a global labor market for chief executives.

The list proves an old theory still exists in the high ranks of companies worldwide: men dominate the head of the table. The one and only woman to break that glass ceiling and make the list of Top 100 CEOs of the World is eBay's Meg Whitman, who's also the leader of the list for the magazine's Top Female CEOs.

But as the Bay Area shines at the top of the list, it's also represented at the bitter bottom. Charles Schwab, CEO of the San Francisco-based financial firm bearing his name, sits in spot #90.

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