Bay Area Churches Gear Up for Easter Services as COVID-19 Restrictions Ease

Many Christians throughout the Bay Area are feeling grateful that they will get to celebrate Easter in person this weekend

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Churches across the Bay Area are gearing up for Easter weekend. Some have put up tents and are holding services outside, all to keep parishioners safe.

People at St. Anthony’s Church in Oakley are setting up socially distanced seating. They have got a massive tent and all that’s needed to hold Easter services outdoors.

“We also have a sanitation station that gets put up front so as people walk in they get sanitized,” Danny Avalos with St. Anthony’s Church.

Easter is one of the most important celebrations for Christians and for many, being together this year will perhaps be more meaningful than ever.

“It’s a time of incredible joy and incredible drama and this year is special because last year we had to do this all alone,” Father Mac Lingo with St. Anthony’s Church.

Morello Hills Christian Church in Martinez is welcoming back Easter churchgoers too. They have kicked things off by setting up stations of the cross outside to mark Good Friday.

They will have several indoor and outdoor services on Sunday to keep gatherings small.

“Something like Easter which is really what Christianity is all about is Jesus rose from the dead. To come back and celebrate together on this day is meaningful for people,” said Morello Hills Christian Church Pastor Bill Francis.

While things aren’t exactly back to normal, Christians say they are grateful and full of optimism.

“It’s a feeling of hope honestly, joy to be together with everyone, and also solidarity just hope we can get through this and finally get totally back to normal one day,” said Lingo.

William Bynum with Morello Hills Christian Church hopes to see more normalcy soon.

“I’ve asked and wondered how much longer until we can engage on a healthy level again and because of what Jesus did it’s given us the understanding to do it well now,” he said.

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