Bay Area Counties Best in State for Unemployment

Marin, San Mateo, SF Counties looking OK

The Bay Area hasn't been hit nearly as hard as other California counties when it comes to unemployment.

A map showing unemployment rates across the country gives you a look at a glance at the areas of the country that have been hit the hardest.

The graphic, posted on the NYTimes Web site, shows San Francisco and the nine-county Bay Area are doing better than neighboring counties.

San Francisco's 6.6% unemployment rate in December 2008 was below the national average.

Marin easily was the best in the Bay Area and California with 5.4%. San Mateo County was second with 5.9%.

Here are the others:

Solano County was higher than most with 8.6% unemployment. Santa Cruz had an unemployment rate of 10%.

It should be mentioned, however, that almost every Bay Area county's unemployment rate was up by at least two percent. Only Marin rose by less than that.

It does not look nearly so good for dozens of other California counties. Colusa County, just north of Sacramento, sits at 21.6% unemployment. Sutter County stands at roughly 15%. Merced County is at 15.5%. Monterey County stands at 13.3%. San Joaquin County sits at 13%.

The worst unemployment rate could be found in Imperial County, east of San Diego, at 22.6%.

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