Marin County

Bay Area Counties Amount the Healthiest in California: Report

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Several Bay Area counties are at the top of the list of healthiest counties in California, according to a new report by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

Marin County came in at number one and San Mateo, Santa Clara and Napa are all in the top five.

The institute says civic engagement leads to healthier residents. However, a spokesperson says even with Bay Area counties making the top of the list, there are still improvements that can be made.

“Even high-ranked counties like Santa Clara for example, might take a deeper look at their data and see that not everyone in that county is experiencing the same opportunities to thrive so look at those data points and look at how people in different racial and ethnic groups are fairing and take on equity-informed acton,” said Sheri Johnson director of the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

The study looks at several factors, including access to parks, school funding, voter turnout and self-reported census participation.

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