Bay Area Doctor Dressed as Elvis Saves Life

Elvis had not left the building, and that is a good thing this time

A San Francisco anesthesiologist has three reasons to be proud of what he did in Vegas this past weekend.

First, he successfully completed the Rock 'n' Roll half-marathon.  Then he saved the life of a woman who collapsed following the race.

Dr. Claudio Palma tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal he was still dressed in his Elvis costume when he noticed the woman was in trouble. Her husband was there and said she was a diabetic and hit her head after fainting. He performed CPR at the Mandalay Bay Burger Bar until an ambulance arrived.

His costume included sideburns and a scarf, but no cape. That probably didn't stop folks from comparing him to Superman on Sunday.

He said the patient kind of "freaked out" when she came to and he thinks that is because she didn't know why Elvis was kissing her. "She was giving me a weird look and telling me she was okay," Palma told the paper.

If that weren't enough for Bay Area doctor, the third reason is the fact that he also got married Sunday.  Dr. Palma and his  new wife Rhanee wed at a run-through chapel set up at Mile 2 of the race.

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