Father's Day

Bay Area Families Celebrate Father's Day After COVID-19 Restrictions Lifted

For many fathers, COVID-19 put a huge damper on Father’s Day celebrations last year. So, this year, they are making up for lost time.

There were lots of hugs and toasts today and for some fathers, a new found appreciation for finally seeing their kids in person.

A Simple pleasure and a meal together with your children is considered a treasure this Father’s Day.

For Randy Vilfroy of Campbell, last Father’s Day was not complete.

“COVID-19 made it really hard because of the restrictions it just was not the same as being in person,” he said.

But now, after not seeing his daughter for more than a year, Vilfroy said that he is enjoying a toast with her in person.

“It means the world it’s so much better it just really,” he said. “It touches me as a father.”

Being a father is a full-time job that can test your limits but reward you in unimaginable ways. People around the Bay Area celebrated Father’s Day outdoors.

And the in-person reunion means just as much to his daughter Emily Tomka.

“This one is more special because of the year we’ve had we can get out and enjoy each other and this makes this Father’s Day 10 times better,” she said.

For San Jose resident Masoud Ezatagha without a family celebration, last Fathers Day felt like just another day. But this Father’s Day, with COVID-19 travel restrictions lifted, his daughter Nicki flew in from Phoenix to surprise him.

“I’m smiling I’m happy my family is here,” Masoud Ezatagha said.

“Being able to see my dad is just awesome and to see my family ,I was so homesick,“ Nicki Ezatagha said.

A meal without masks, a reunion without screens, a toast to a Father’s Day to remember.

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