San Francisco

Bay Area Fans Pay Tribute to Williams With Standing Ovation

Robin Williams got an unusual standing ovation Monday.

One week after the tragic death of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams, Bay Area fans paid tribute in a very public way.

Some devoted local fans organized what they called a “Last Curtain Call” at 1 p.m. At exactly that time, they stood up and clapped and cheered for the entertainer who touched so many people.

Ovations took place at several locations around San Francisco, including the Civic Center Plaza. More than 35,000 people joined the event's Facebook page.

“When I heard that there was going to be a standing ovation I thought it was a really clever idea, and my original idea was to just do it wherever I was, but then I realized I actually wanted to be somewhere that there were other people,” said Williams’ fan Tomi Thomas. “So I decided to take a couple of hours and come down.”

This won't be the final standing ovation for Williams. The producers of next week’s Emmy awards are working on a tribute worthy of Williams’ legacy.  

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