Bay Area Health Officials Combat Growing Hepatitis A Outbreak

Bay Area public health officials are on alert as Hepatitis A is sickening people in different parts of California. 

In San Diego, over 440 cases have been reported since the worst outbreak in the city's history was identified in March. Sixteen people have died.

The Southern California city's outbreak has been linked to some cases in the Bay Area. In Santa Cruz County, officials say 69 people have come down with Hepatitis A since April. To that put that into perspective, the South Bay county usually only has one or two cases per year. 

Santa Clara County also reported two cases earlier this month — at the main jail and Elmwood Correctional Facility.

Roughly 10 people also have been infected by the highly contagious liver disease in Los Angeles.

In some cases, Hepatitis A, which has a long incubation period of two weeks to almost two months, can affect a person for up to six months. 

People contract the disease by eating or drinking contanimated food or water. It can also be transmitted during sexual contact with an infected person.

The California Department of Health recmmends people wash their hands frequently, especially after using the restroom, to avoid becoming ill. 

A vaccine is available to treat people who are infected and the cause of this outbreak is under investigation.

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