San Francisco Soars to All-Time Record High of 106 Degrees

A blistering heat wave bearing down on the Bay Area Friday broke an all-time temperature record in San Francisco, which joined a host of other cities across the region in etching new high temperature marks in the history books.

Downtown San Francisco sizzled at 106 degrees during the mid-afternoon hours, according to the National Weather Service, breaking a previous all-time high of 103 degrees set on June 14, 2000. For the sake of comparison, the 106 degree mark was just 10 degrees cooler than Death Valley, the hottest spot in the nation on Friday.

"What I miss is the fog now to cool off," Paul Tse of San Francisco said.

Another all-time record-breaking temperature was recorded nearby at the San Francisco International Airport, according to the NWS. The airport peaked at 104 degrees, overtaking a previous high of 103 set on Sept. 14, 1971.

South in Mountain View, Moffett Field soared to 106 degrees, tying an all-time record high of 106 degrees established in 2000, according to the NWS.

Aside from the all-time record-breakers, a number of spots recorded new high temperatures for Sept. 1:

Calistoga: 110 degrees (previous high of 105 degrees in 1988)

Healdsburg: 111 degrees (previous high of 108 degrees in 1950)

Santa Rosa: 110 degrees (previous high of 105 degrees in 1950)

Kentfield: 107 degrees (previous high of 103 degrees in 1955)

San Rafael: 109 degrees (previous high of 103 degrees in 1955)

Richmond: 102 degrees (previous high of 93 degrees in 1955)

Oakland Airport: 101 degrees (previous high of 99 degrees in 1952)

Livermore: 109 degrees (previous high of 109 degrees in 1952)

San Jose: 108 degrees (previous high of 101 degrees in 1950)

Gilroy: 107 degrees (previous high of 102 degrees in 1976)

Santa Cruz: 105 degrees (previous high of 102 degrees in 1955)

Salinas: 103 degrees (previous high of 91 degrees in 2010)

Salinas Airport: 105 degrees (previous high of 96 degrees in 1952)

Some of those spots — Santa Rosa, Kentfield, San Franicsco, the San Francisco Airport, the Oakland Airport, Moffett Field, San Jose and Salinas Airport — also witnessed temperatures high enough to break all-time highs for the month of September, according to the NWS.

EDITOR'S NOTE: A previous version of this article incorrectly indicated the year in which the all-time high temperature mark in San Francisco was set.

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