Bay Area Parents, Children Celebrate Halloween Activities After COVID-19 Pandemic Pause

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If you saw a lot more children out and about this Halloween in your neighborhood, you weren't alone.

Children and parents seemed to feel better about getting out and resumed Halloween activities this year.

Whether a child dressed as a dinosaur or a giant Lego character, Halloween just felt more welcoming this year.

"It does feel a lot better, more normal. We went to Japan town earlier today and it's great to feel like things are inching back to where they used to be,” said Thomas Traum.

There were some people are still “on the fence” when it came to giving out candy.

"I think it’s for the COVID reasons, we would still like the kids to have fun, but in a way that's safe,” said Molly Leung.

With approval for a vaccine for the little ones on the horizon, many of them were hyped.

See Scott Budman's full report in the video above.

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