Bay Area Potholes Finger Lookin' Good

Finally we know why the chicken crossed the road:  to fix the potholes. 

Kentucky Fried Chicken is ponying up some bones to smooth the roads of the Sonoma County city of Petaluma -- arguably the pothole capitol of California. 

The restaurant chain is sending the city a check for $3,000 to make the repairs. 

In return, Petaluma must stencil the "Re-Freshed by KFC" logo on the street by one of the repairs in temporary chalk which will only last a few days. 

Petaluma Mayor Pamela Torliatt told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat her city is not selling out.   

The restaurant chain picked Petaluma and three other cities nationwide for this promotional contest. 

In the company's hometown of Louisville, KY, the money was enough to fill 300 potholes. Not every pothole will get the stencil.

The winning cities were chosen at random from 14 nominated after KFC's president sent letters announcing the "re-fresh the streets" contest to mayors across the U.S.

The stencils are in chalk and shouldn't last more than a couple days.

People interviewed on the streets of Petaluma had mixed reactions.  Some thought city's had to find a way to make money, while others thought it was a bit on the tacky side.

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