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Some Bay Area Public Safety Agencies Beefing Up Security

As law enforcement authorities on the East Coast sort out a string of bombings and suspicious activity, some public safety officials in the Bay Area are mounting efforts to keep communities safe.

The safety precautions will be visible on multiple transportation platforms throughout the region in addition to some high pedestrian traffic areas such as downtown San Francisco.

"We're also working with BART as well as Muni to make sure that all public transportation is taken care of and people feel safe coming and going throughout the city," Officer Giselle Talkoff of the San Francisco Police Department said.

The streets around Moscone Center were jammed with people heading into and out of the Oracle convention on Monday.

Talkoff said they’re working with private guards to provide security.

"What we are doing is ramping up police presence," Talkoff said. "Right now, we have the (Oracle Open World) going on."

BART added that the transportation agency will be ramping up the amount of officers on its trains and platforms to help thwart any kind of potentially dangerous activity.

Despite the explosive scenes on the other side of the country, Bay Area folks seem to be carrying out their normal routines without much panic.

"I don't think I fell less safe or anything like that," Dai Troung from San Jose said.

Rick Smith, a former FBI agent now working as a private investigator, said a follow-up attack in the Bay Area is not likely.

"You know, I don’t think it's any more dangerous than it was last week," he said. "It’s dangerous. It just hasn’t happened in San Francisco.

San Francisco International Airport continues to monitor the events in New York City and New Jersey and are in constant contact with federal authorities.

Oakland International Airport wouldn’t discuss specific security changes and Mineta San Jose International Airport said travelers won’t see any changes.

The Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District along with SamTrans are maintaining normal security measures, but are closely monitoring the East Coast and updating their strategies if necessary.

The main adage voiced by several public safety agencies is, "See something, say something."

NBC Bay Area's Mark Matthews contributed to this report.

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