Local Radio DJs Win Slice of Mega Millions

Sarah & Vinnie scream, then shrug

Did you hear it?

Did it make you a little jealous on your drive into work this morning?

The morning team at Alice Radio, screaming for joy, because they won more than $300,000 in the lottery. A huge win! On live radio! It was awesome.

Until they re-checked the ticket.

That's when a $300,000 win became a $13,000 win. Not a bad bonus for a team of people that make our morning fun on a daily basis (full disclosure:  I'm an occasional contributor to the Sarah & Vinnie show), but not quite "see ya later, suckers" money.

If you didn't get a chance to tune in, or want to re-visit the emotion, here's the audio, courtesy of producer Uzette Salazar.  

Happily, the team says they'll spend some of their winnings on trying to haul in the now 500 million dollar prize. Best of luck.

Scott, who wants in the next time these guys play the lotto, is on Twitter:  @scottbudman

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