Bay Area Reporter Receives Cesar Chavez Honor

March 31 is now officially declared Cesar Chavez Day in California

NBC Bay Area reporter Damian Trujillo is not working his reporter shift today. He and his wife are instead in the fields of Salinas Valley.

Every year for the past several years on Cesar Chavez day, Damian has returned to the fields where he once did the same back-breaking work.

He cooks up a little something for the workers to show them appreciation for helping get food on the table of Americans from coast to coast.

This year, the Cesar Chavez' family chose Trujillo as the recipient of the Cesar Chavez Si Se Puede award.  They surprised him and presented him the award during a recent taping on his weekly show Comunidad de Valle.

The Chavez Medina family knew they had to give Trujillo the honor early because they knew that he wouldn't make the breakfast because of his pilgrimage to the farming community.

Congratulations to Damian. You can see the representation in the below clip.

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