Bay Area Residents Buy Supplies to Keep Themselves Warm, Property Protected

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First it was the rain. Now it's the bitter cold.

The chilly temperatures across the Bay Area have residents heading to the hardware store to make sure they have the supplies to stay warm and keep their property protected.

At the Ace Hardware store on First Street in Livermore, there are a lot of choices for portable heaters. General Manager Eric Evensen said you should choose your space heater carefully.

"Keep in mind you have the power for it," he said. "They all take 1,500 watts, so you don’t want to plug in too many heaters at once or you may trip your breaker. Know the size of your room, how many doors and entryways you have into the room, and how many windows."

Supply chain issues are expected to impact future portable heater deliveries. Ace said it expects to sell out of its current stock fairly quickly.

There is also a run on pipe insulation.

"Cover your outdoor pipes," Suzanne from Livermore said. "And if you don’t have any insulation, at least leave a faucet dripping a little bit at night. That will help keep it from freezing."

Plants also need a little more protection.

“What you really need to know is keep them wet," Evensen said. "Make sure they’re watered. Water will help them greatly. One other option, we have plant blankets. So you can cover your plants really in a hard freeze, and we’re going to be pretty close to a hard freeze.”

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