Bay Area Residents Help Out Healthcare Workers Battling COVID-19

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Our first responders are still in desperate need of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the Bay Area is jumping in to help.

Joshua and Kai Bernard-Pearl’s parents are doctors who are finding themselves on the frontline helping patients who are battling the coronavirus.

“We know they’re doing important work and we’re proud of them,” said Joshua.

Now, their son have found a way to save their lives.

“We started out just wanting to protect our parents really making face shields is a good way to do that,” said Kai.

They know that there’s a shortage of PPE so they started working on a way to increase supply.

They started making the plastic faceshields themselves and they quickly discovered other groups were already doing the same thing, so they collaborated with community volunteers.

“It was a shock that there wasn’t enough PPE I always took it for granted that hospitals have facemasks one use gloves throw them away yeah there’ll be enough for everything right?” said Kai.

Joshua and Kai are part of a growing number of people who want to help keep first responders safe. A PPE donation drive for healthcare workers is taking place in downtown Danville on Saturday.

People can drop off donations between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

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