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Bay Area Residents Looking to Move Out of the Region: Poll

New survey by Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Bay Area News Group shows 44 percent polled are considering leaving

A new survey has found that about 6 percent of Bay Area residents plan to move out of the area within the next year and significantly more are considering leaving the region in the near future.

The number one reason people plan to move is the high cost of housing, according to the poll conducted by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Bay Area News Group.

"Everyone is concerned about housing," said Carl Guardino, CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

The next two reasons pushing people out are the high cost of living and traffic, the survey shows. Homelessness also was identified as a top problem.

"We have a serious a serious problem finding viable solutions for the homeless issue," Shelley Smith of San Jose said.

A majority of people polled said their quality of life in the Bay Area has become worse compared to five years ago. And it's not just housing costs they find troubling.

"We also heard about climate change and wildfires being an issue," Guardino said.

Overall, 44 percent of those polled said they plan to leave the Bay Area in the next few years.

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