Bay Area Residents Scramble to Find Baby Formula as Shortage Continues

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Bay Area stores continue to deal with massive nationwide baby formula shortage as many people are scrambling to find infant milk on store shelves and online.

For example, shelves at a Target store in Antioch are usually packed with baby food, but as of Thursday night, the formula shelves are empty.

Earlier this month, the shortage created out of high demand for formula in the pandemic continues to grow due to ongoing supply chain delays and a voluntary recall by manufacturer Abbott Nutrition.

President Joe Biden and the White House are under growing pressure to do something. Biden spoke with the CEOs of a number of big box stores, urging them to help families who are in desperate need.

“We’re seeing increases over the last couple of weeks. More needs to be done. We’re going to cut every element of red tape we can cut. We’re going to work with manufacturers. We’re going to import more to expedite this as quickly as possible,” said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

In the meantime, parents are scrambling all over the country.

For parents who rely on Amazon for formula, it’s not easy to come by. As of Thursday night, some of the biggest brands are not available.

While others are taking advantage of the shortage. On eBay, a baby formula that’s normally $35 in the store is going for more than a $100 online.

The White House also urging state and federal regulators to crack down on price gouging.

In the meantime, people in the Bay Area are grabbing from store shelves what they can in hopes of getting relief soon.

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