Bay Area Restaurants Getting Hit by Burglars During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Bay Area restaurants, already seeing a devastating drop in business during the shelter-at-home order, are now getting hit by burglars.

Someone smashed a window and broke into Jack Holder's in San Jose over the weekend, days after they provided free meals to more than 200 first responders.

“The initial reaction is anger, you’ve been violated,” said owner Dan Holder. “You do something nice for the community and then some lowlife breaks into your business.”

The thieves stole tablets that linked the restaurants to DoorDash, a lifeline for a business surviving entirely on to-go orders.

“All our restaurants are down at least 80%,” said Hodler. 

A burglar also broke into Loft Bar and Bistro in Downtown San Jose Friday morning. Straling alcohol and electronics and causing an estimated $5,000 in damage.

“I’ve already had to lay off 70% of employees. This is like rubbing salt in the wound,” said owner Kam Razavi.

Some restaurant owners feel they are being targeted now because there are few witnesses around and they are one of the few businesses still operating during the shelter-at-home order.

In the East Bay, burglars recently broke into Slow Hand BBQ in Pleasant Hill grabbing a cash register.

“It contributes to the fear and vulnerability we already feel, it’s awful,” said owner Maureen Bullotta.

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