Bay Area Revelations: Summer of Love

[BAY]Summer of Love Summer of Love was the neighborhood event in San Francisco that shook the world in 1967. Hundreds of thousands of people, including hippies, came to the Haight Ashbury for a few short months. It created a counter-culture. People changed the way we look at the environment, religion, healthy food, music, psychedelic drugs and even reality. 50 years later, hear the untold stories from the people who lived and survived the Summer of Love in 1967, including musicians, flower children, an iconic poster artist and a rookie police officer that walked the beat in the Haight.


Firsthand Accounts

Hear stories from those who were there.

Poster Movement

San Francisco's revolutionary rock poster movement of the mid-late 1960's produced some of rock n' roll's most colorful, strange and outrageously eclectic posters of its time.

The Artist

Listen to Stanley Mouse recount the story of how the iconic 'Skull & Roses’ Grateful Dead logo came to be.


Memory Lane

See snapshots from the "Human Be-In" at Golden Gate Park.

The Epicenter

Check out the birthplace of America's counter-culture movement in 1967.

Lasting Legacy

Prominent counterculturist Peter Coyote details the lasting legacy of the Summer of Love.

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