VIDEO: Bay Area Rhino Bends It Like Beckham

He's got mad skills on the field.

The San Francisco Zoo marketing folks put out the "cute alert" Friday after a zoo volunteer caught one of their own monkeying around.

Except it wasn't a monkey. This came courtesy of an animal not known cuteness.

The zoo's one-horned rhinoceros showed he has game when it come to soccer.

Gauhati, a budding 5,000-pound teenager is honing his skills with a ball. Rhinos are known for having poor vision, but that isn't stopping Gauhati.

The zoo says, "He continues to work on his banana kick and is surely at the top of his game when it comes to headers."

The zoo also gave this educational information on Gauhati.  The greater one-horned rhinos are beginning to hold their own in the wild through intensive efforts in Nepal and India. They are still listed as "vulnerable" on the International Union for Conservation of Nature list.  There are only about 2,500 left and those few are still threatened by poaching.

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