Santa Clara County

Bay Area Storms Leave Behind Pothole Problems

While recent rounds of rain have boosted the state's water supply and helped bring additional green to the landscape, they also opened up new problems for Bay Area drivers: potholes.

Caltrans said the combination of water and hydrolic pressure causes potholes to pop up during stormy weather.

"Water seeps into the cracks in the road," a Caltrans official explained. "Cars and trucks drive over that, and the hydrolic pressure of the water being squeezed pushes against the road itself. There's a lot of cars and trucks driving over it. It just squeezes and squeezes and eventually the road breaks apart and you get a pothole."

The good news for California drivers is that the state is about to release $360 million of Measure B funding. A $9.5 million chunk will go toward repaving in Santa Clara County alone.

Drivers who spot potholes can report them to the transportation department for the city or county where the potholes are located.

Motorists with vehicles damaged by potholes on a roadway maintained by Caltrans can file a claim with the agency.

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