Bay Area Team in $30,000 Tech Scavenger Hunt

Cyber challenges all over the world

Could you, if $30,000 was on the line, put on a giant concert for charity?

How about track down a piece of a meteor (especially tough if you're nowhere near Russia), or change the top names of 2013 (because, really, Liam? Emma?).

That's part of the online challenge being fought all over the world, right now, launched by 150 challenges in all, and we're down to the last few days to track everything down. 

One challenge fulfilled: Make this the largest media scavenger hunt -- according to Guinness, this will beat the record, with more than 25,000 participants registered.

Among those competing is a Bay Area CEO. Cyan Banister, Chief Executive of, is part of a team called Running Hunts. They're currently in the top five, with the whole contest ending this friday.

On the line is a total of $30,000 in prize money. According to Banister, most of her team (which stretches from the Bay Area to Australia - the benefit of an internet contest ) will donate any winnings to charity., it should be said, is a business, in the business of finding freelance jobs for people. It will likely get a lot of attention for the treasure hunt, not to mention the prize money. Nikki Parker, the company's Regional Director for North America, calls the contest "an international battle of wills.

We'll see where will takes our local team.

Scott can be found on Twitter: @scottbudman

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