Bay Area Teenagers Help Police Catch Laptop Robbery Suspects

Two 14-year-olds witnesses a laptop robbery at a Peet’s Coffee shop in Lafayette Tuesday and thanks to their actions, two out of the four suspects were arrested.

The boys were having a bite to eat when they saw four guys run out of the coffee shop with a laptop under their arms.

Not knowing what else to do, one of the boys started running at top speed, chasing the car he saw the four men jump into.

"I was hiding behind one of the trees by the street," he said.

Lafayette police are searching for laptop thieves who hit a Peet’s Coffee shop Tuesday and got away in a four-door dark color Saturn with tinted windows.

The teen pulled out a cell phone to take pictures of the alleged getaway car but one of the suspects yelled at him saying he had a gun in the car and he was going to shoot.

"I got the cops called," the other boy said. "Sadly it was a bit too late."

Police got a jump start on the case thanks to a picture of the license plate snapped by the boys.

Detectives used city-owned cameras to help identify the suspects and they say the registered owners of the car had arrest warrants for similar crimes in the city of Berkeley.

The car was found in Oakland and two of the suspects were arrested.

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