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Bay Area Drivers' Commute Times Leveling Off: Report

Commute times for Bay Area drivers had been worsening for four straight years, but traffic-related slowdowns leveled off this past year, according to a Metropolitan Transportation Center report released Wednesday.

The transportation commission revealed that drivers experienced an average of 3.6 minutes of delays during weekday commute times in 2017. That time amount matches the all-time high recorded in 2016, according to the report.

The amount of time an average commuter sits in traffic during the workweek has soared by more than 80 percent compared to the 1.9 minutes documented in 2010, according to the report.

"The good news here is that the average Bay Area commute hasn’t gotten any worse," MTC Chair Jake Mackenzie said in a statement. "The bad news is that it hasn’t gotten any better either."

The stretch of northbound Highway 101 and eastbound Interstate 80 from Cesar Chavez in San Francisco to Yerba Buena Island remained the most congested region in the Bay Area during commute hours for the fourth year in a row, according to the report. 

The drive along westbound Interstate 80 in Contra Costa and Alameda counties checked in as the second worst commuter headache, according to the report. Southbound Highway 101 from Fair Oaks Avenue to Oakland Road/13th Street in Santa Clara County was ranked as the third worst slog. 

Bay Area Freeway Locations With Most Weekday Traffic Congestion (2017):

1. Northbound Highway 101/Eastbound Interstate 80 (evening commute) – San Francisco County

2. Westbound Interstate 80 (all day) – Contra Costa and Alameda counties

3. Southbound Highway 101 (evening commute) – Santa Clara County

4. Northbound Interstate 680 (evening commute) – Alameda County

5. Eastbound State Route 4 (evening commute) – Contra Costa County

6. Eastbound Interstate 80 (evening commute) – Alameda County

7. Southbound Interstate 880 (evening commute) – Alameda County

8. Southbound Interstate 280 (evening commute) – Santa Clara County

9. Eastbound State Route 24 (evening commute) – Alameda and Contra Costa counties

10. Northbound Interstate 680 (evening commute) – Contra Costa County

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